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    EA's Matchmaker vs Inca's Matchmaker


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    EA's Matchmaker vs Inca's Matchmaker

    Post by Johan on Sun Jul 17, 2016 1:29 am

    Today we're going to go back to our roots for some re-evaluation. We're going to compare EA's old Populous matchmaking system to Inca's matchmaking system!

    First, let's take a look at EA's matchmaker and evaluate the pros and cons of what we can see

    Here's a picture:


    • Works in the web browser. No need to download a separate program
    • Compatible with older version of Windows that the game was designed to run on
    • Lets you use Grandma's toolbars at the same time
    • Uses EA's ranking system curated specifically for Populous
    • Not administrated by IncaWarrior
    • Can't curse your game with IncaHacks
    • Cool as fuck hut system with a game-based interface
    • Advertised inside Populous for easy access
    • Leader1 never used it


    • Shut down on January 8, 2004

    Now let's look at Inca's matchmaker

    Here's a picture:


    • Still works


    • Administrated by IncaWarrior
    • Uses a 'new and improved' ranking system that was designed for Xbox and chess by Microsoft and not specifically for Populous
    • Confusing UI that's colored like poop
    • Not advertised inside Populous
    • Enforces 'rushing limits'
    • Curses you with IncaHacks
    • Needs to be downloaded
    • Doesn't run on Windows 98
    • Not compatible with Grandma's Toolbars
    • Leader1 uses it

    What the fuck crap hell ?&@# !

    As you can see, the old EA matchmaker that shut down in 2004 was much better than the current matchmaker! By a long shot!

    INCA!  Evil or Very Mad  IT'S BEEN 12 YEARS AND ALL YOU AND YOUR TEAM COULD COME UP WITH IS THIS PIECE OF POOP THING! It doesn't even run on Windows 98! How are we supposed to enjoy some quality Populous if we don't have a quality matchmaker?

    INCA, FIX IT NOW! bounce

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    Re: EA's Matchmaker vs Inca's Matchmaker

    Post by Chris on Sun Jul 17, 2016 2:32 am

    "Leader1 never used it". Im cracking up lolololoololololoolo

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