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    Inca is turning games I won into games I "lost"


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    Inca is turning games I won into games I "lost"

    Post by Johan on Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:23 pm

    EDIT: Today is a bad day for the matchmaker. Inca has notified me that the problem is 'fixed' but that this game will never update! In other words, he is giving the win to italian! Absolutely absurd!

    Another day, another problem. One hell of a problem today, too.

    Let's take a look at some game results. This game was hosted using BetaBot

    You can find the results I am discussing here: http://www.popre.net/game.php?id=318913

    IMPORTANT! Here is a link to a stream highlight of the game shown in the results: https://secure.twitch.tv/sayvemi/v/78943783

    If you watch the stream, you can clearly see that I WON the game, not lost. In fact, italian quit the game at the end, but it still shows him as winning!

    This is a result of the matchmaker 'freeze' that happened today where game results would not submit. Inca said later in the day that he 'fixed' the problem, but this is the result of the problem being fixed.

    I end up losing points for a game I won, and italian ended up gaining points for a game he clearly lost. After the losing streak I was having from the games before, this is an absolute kick in the face for me.

    This one is going to be unforgivable. But, as always,

    Inca, fix it now!  Evil or Very Mad

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    Re: Inca is turning games I won into games I "lost"

    Post by Chris on Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:17 pm

    Lol. you have some bad luck man! Let's hope more and more people are making a big deal out of this.

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