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    The points don't all add up....


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    The points don't all add up....

    Post by Chris on Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:18 am

    This is quite amusing Inca...

    How is it possible for me to lose 5 points when it clearly says that i only lost 4 points. BUT, it clearly adds it up as 5 points. It just makes no sense. 2 + 2 doesn't equal 5.


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    Re: The points don't all add up....

    Post by Johan on Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:58 pm


    Long story short, the ranking system rounds, and you lost points for 'being inactive' even though you are clearly an active player. Yucky. I interviewed Inca and this is what he had to say:

    -Johan-> While you're here inca, does the ranking system calculate using floating point values
    IncaWarrior> yes
    -Johan-> But the website displays integers
    IncaWarrior> for points
    -Johan-> yes
    IncaWarrior> keeps it a little cleaner looking
    -Johan-> but points are calculated as floats
    IncaWarrior> gotta round it at some point
    -Johan-> Well that clears this up. Chris was confused that the website showed (-4) after a game but he went from 321 to 316
    IncaWarrior> chris?
    -Johan-> senpei
    IncaWarrior> that's actually a little bit different situation
    IncaWarrior> before he played the game he actually had 320 points
    IncaWarrior> then lost 4 points to 316
    -Johan-> oh?
    -Johan-> I'll check his profile
    IncaWarrior> it's because it was the previous day
    IncaWarrior> the last game
    IncaWarrior> so his sigma went up by 0.01
    -Johan-> When did he lose 1 point?
    IncaWarrior> overnight due to the nightly sigma increase
    -Johan-> Nightly sigma increase?
    IncaWarrior> yes, everyone gains 0.01 sigma every night
    IncaWarrior> that's what causes your points to go down if you're inactive
    -Johan-> So even though Chris is clearly not inactive, the nightly sigma increase still moved him just enough to lose a point?
    -Johan-> 321.00 to 320.99, and since he lost 4 points, that would bring him to 316.99, or 316 as it is to the website
    -Johan-> maybe the math is a bit different but the idea the same
    IncaWarrior> before the game he was at 320.5
    -Johan-> I thought it truncates though
    -Johan-> since it's a float converted to an int
    IncaWarrior> it's rounding
    IncaWarrior> actually before the game he was at 320.2, the game before he was at 320.5
    IncaWarrior> function to calculate points is: max(0, round(($mu-3*$sigma)*10+100));
    -Johan-> so you have a round function
    -Johan-> What's the max function for? And why do you pass a 0 to it
    IncaWarrior> takes the max of the two arguments
    IncaWarrior> it's to keep noobs from being sad and having negative points
    -Johan-> hahahaha
    -Johan-> So when a calculation is finished, is the next calculation done with the result from the previous?
    -Johan-> Whatever max( ) ends up returning
    IncaWarrior> it's calculated using the pre-game sigma
    IncaWarrior> yeah
    -Johan-> so we're losing/gaining points to rounding
    IncaWarrior> points is recalculated from mu and sigma every game
    -Johan-> oh
    -Johan-> So the rounding error is always temporary
    -Johan-> but there will always be rounding
    IncaWarrior> yep
    IncaWarrior> there's never rounding error, just rounding
    -Johan-> Okay, makes sense.

    Chris is an idiot


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    Re: The points don't all add up....

    Post by Shahzad_SW on Sun Jul 10, 2016 3:22 am

    Inca has a ranking system that works like, If you are inactive it will kill 1 point each day so if u stay year ago you will be deranked alot. So before u played the second game you had 320 points due to ur inactiveness Smile <3

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    Re: The points don't all add up....

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